Tips To Improve The Energy-Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are a crucial appliance in every home and consume a lot of energy since it continuously operates 24/7. Not only does it cover most of your electricity consumption, but it can also negatively impact the environment. In this article, we will help you improve the performance of your fridge and reduce your energy bills.

Cool Your Leftovers

This is a simple yet effective aspect to remember. If you put hot food in the fridge, it will release heat inside the fridge and increase the temperature. You want your fridge to cool, so the appliance works extra hard to maintain a low temperature. Preferably, you should allow your meals to cool down before placing them in your refrigerator. Following this will help keep your fridge in optimal temperature.

Keep the Doors Closed

It may sound obvious, but there are times where one can be careless and leave the refrigerator doors open. Or you may have the habit of opening the doors for too long while using it. When the cold air escapes from your fridge, your fridge will work hard again to achieve the optimal temperature for preservation. If you keep the refrigerator doors open for too long, it will have significant loose heat and increase the electricity bill.

Replace the Door Gasket

Since you use your refrigerator frequently, the door gaskets could lose some of their suction. When the gasket has leaks and tears, cold air could leak out and let warm air in. If your seals are ragged, replacing them will seal your fridge and make it more energy-efficient.

Reduce the Frost

Buildup on the inside coils of your refrigerator can force it to work harder. Manually defrosting your fridge regularly can help reduce frosting and maintain cooler temperatures. The frost buildup can waste energy and increase your utility bills.


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